Michelle Rodriguez talked about her role in her latest movie role in the “The Assignment”. She played a role of male assassin who faces a force sex change operation by an evil doctor.

Controversial comments are already circling around by the critics say the movie as tone-deaf, tastless and even some critics called the movie as transphobic.

Rodriguez and film’s writer, Denis Hamill, and director Walter Hill have come forward to defend the movie and said that the character is not transgender.

Rodriguez shared her views about the movie in an interview to the Page Six saying “I had to tape my breasts down, and I still looked like a hermaphrodite.”
Michelle Rodriguez who also played in “The Fast and Furious” said about this role that by playing this she felt more feminine than she thought she is.

She said further that “All my life I felt alienated by women. They were into the lipstick, nails, and dressing up, and I always felt like a tomboy, like I didn’t fit in. I felt like I had masculine qualities versus feminine qualities just because I am an alpha. I do what I want, and never let anybody tell me otherwise. I am kind of hardcore about that. But then when I go and actually play a man, I realized I am such a girl; there is nothing manly about me.”
Michelle Rodriguez shared a toughest part was when she had to wear a beard which was itching and another anyoing things was putting on a male prosthetic.

The movie “The Assignment” got released on 7th April.