Michelle Obama is really looking forward to the day her book Becoming is released, but she also says she is a bit afraid of her openness. Obama will visit ten American cities to promote her book and she will take a big hit.

” I have been very honest in what I wrote down, it is exactly who I am, “according to the former First Lady.

Michelle presents herself and her book in ten large event halls instead of local bookstores, in order to reach more people. I hope that others feel inspired to make their voices valid and to make their own story. It is not about big moments in life, but about the smaller things. They form you as a person and make you unique. “

“In the period after I left the White House, I took the time to think carefully about who exactly the people who inspired me and made me the person I am today. And what stories and experiences this amounts to, “says Michelle.

Becoming appears on November 13th. That day, Obama begins her book tour in Chicago, the city where she was born and raised. She then travels to Los Angeles, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Brooklyn, Detroit, Denver, San Jose and Dallas.