In India, a traffic police officer found ways to brighten up his days thanks to Michael Jackson.

He was not the “King of Pop” for nothing. Michael Jackson has inspired generations of people around the world. In France, many artists evoke the influence of the singer. Amir disguised himself as an idol when he was little and it was very successful. Shy’m has tried it too, late and for the needs of a TV show, but the resemblance is incredible.

In India, Ranjeet Singh , a police officer in charge of traffic in the city of Indore, was inspired by his iconmuch differently. It’s in moonwalk, the famous dance step of the king of pop, that this 38-year-old moustached official regulates cars, motorcycles and other rickshaws. “I’m a fan of Michael Jackson and I copied his moonwalk twelve years ago,  ” the agent told the Hindustan Times.

”  It amuses passersby sometimes. In a way, it encourages them to respect the rules of the road,  “says Ranjeet Singh. He also notes that the offenses are down to its chaotic hub. ”  I’m happy, my goal is also to do my best and have fun,  ” concludes the dancer of the order. Mission successful!