In connection with the scandal surrounding Donald Trump and porn star Stormi Daniels, whom it turned out that he was cheating on his wife, Melania Trump for a while went into the shadows – all the last week she is staying at the family estate of Mar-a-Lago in Florida and did not see her husband exactly Since the broadcast of that most frank interview with Stormy.

However, her personal drama does not influence the public activities of the first lady of the US – the wife of the American president has fulfilled her official duties as she does. So, yesterday, March 29, Melania Trump visited a children’s hospital in Palm Beach, where she met with staff and small patients. The first lady came to the children not empty-handed: she gave them Easter gift sets, because the Catholic Easter in the US will be celebrated this Sunday, April 1.

In public, Melanie appeared in an elegant and feminine dress: in stripes, with a wide waist strap and short sleeves, this Adam Lippes dress sat perfectly on it, emphasizing a slender figure and giving the image some kind of spring frivolous mood. In general, looking at Melania with her radiant smile, it was very difficult to suspectthat in her life there are now not very pleasant events.

Recall, sex scandal around Donald Trump and just two models with whom he had intrigues, and does not think to slow down. The White House is trying to hush things up, but without success. The very first lady preferred to withdraw and now, according to the insiders, has concentrated on raising the son of Barron.