In full promotion of Daddy’s Home 2,  Mel Gibson was keen to support all those who report sexual harassment.

It is on the red carpet of the film, during his last preview that the director and comedian publicly expressed his support for the movement of liberation of speech and testimony that is currently agitating the film industry.

“Everything was a little shaken and a lot of light now floods the places where the shadows reigned, it is rather healthy somehow. It’s painful, but I think pain precedes change. “

And, as reported by the Vulture website, it was not his first statement on the subject, as he said a few days ago:

“You think of the victims, necessarily. And I’m glad they spoke. It’s unfortunate that they have to relive these events to come to a healing process. And we are part of the problem.And we really have to look at it in the face. “

Welcome statements, but that should make cringe. Indeed, Mel Gibson had to cross the desert, including his abusive, threatening, racist and sexist outings as against his ex-girlfriend Oksanna Grigorieva.