The news that Prince Harry (35) and Meghan Markle (38) are no longer allowed to use the designation ‘Royals’ has struck Meghan. According to the Daily Mail, she would find it ridiculous that she could no longer use the name Sussex Royal.

“It is not that she wants to sell t-shirts and pencils under this name”

Insiders tell the British newspaper that Meghan has been complaining a lot about the decision of Queen Elizabeth, the grandmother of Prince Harry. Meghan would not see why she should hand in the title, which they also use as a brand name. “It is not that she wants to sell t-shirts and pencils under this name,” says an insider. Meghan would also have said that it is not legally stopping the couple from using the name.

“Meghan said she is completely done with all the drama and has no room in her life for opponents. The same goes for Harry. ” Recently the news came out that the couple agreed with Queen Elizabeth’s decision and will therefore no longer have the word royal in their brand name. 

The couple recently announced their intention to take a step back. After an intensive period of consultation, it was decided that the two would no longer be part of the British royal family. That also means that the two have to cap their own beans, but apparently they are doing well.