After the tragic loss of son Jack, during the twentieth week of pregnancy, Chrissy Teigen (35) and John Legend (42) can count on the support of Meghan Markle (39). Chrissy tells this in the program ‘Watch What Happens Live!’.

“She wrote to me about Jack and the loss”

After a fan asked if Chrissy had a personal connection with the Duchess of Sussex, the model talks about their special contact. The two Hollywood women have one thing in common: they both lost a child. “She’s been so nice to me. She’s written to me about Jack and the loss,” said Chrissy.

“She’s just as nice as everyone says she is,” she continues. “That’s when you look at everything and think, ‘My God, what’s wrong with people for making this person look so evil and crazy?’ (…) She is amazing.”

Chrissy and John have found a special way to remember son Jack. They have an indoor tree planted in their new home, she told People earlier  “The reason I want this is so that we can put Jack’s ashes in the ground. So he is always with us, he can grow through the beautiful leaves of the tree and always be part of us.” 

Meghan Markle has a lot to endure, especially after the candid interview she recently gave to Oprah. See all about it in the video below.