According to a British publication, Harry would be between “the sword and the wall” between his two families.

As tensions reportedly escalate between royal self-exiles Harry and Meghan, rumors have surfaced that the former Suits actress has issued an ultimatum to her husband.

“Harry’s dream of living a quiet life outside of real commitments to his wife and son, the family he always loved, turned into a nightmare,” a source told The Globe.

“They told me that Meghan went insane after learning that Harry was secretly negotiating to end his royal exile, and shouted, ‘You can go back, but Archie and I are staying in the United States!’ Harry was devastated! “The source told the US publication.

According to the source, friends say the Duke of Sussex feels he “made a big mistake” by turning his back on his family and moving to Los Angeles.

Also, rumors from inside the palace suggest that Harry blames Meghan for his disastrous move to the City of Angels and now wants to return home.

But the Duchess is apparently not so eager to return to the UK as she probably feels that she would not be welcomed by her husband’s family.

The post notes that ‘Meghan has apparently told Harry that she has to make the right choice or risk never seeing her son again.’

And Meghan’s alleged ultimatum has left the prince feeling depressed and her friends fear he is heading for another collapse.

“It is torture, they separate him from the only family he knows, he feels isolated and alone and is terrified of what the future could bring,” said the source.

According to inside information, Harry has always been protected by his family, but now Meghan is in control, his ultimatum “my way or you don’t see us anymore” has apparently left him reeling.

Now the prince could lose everything, including his wife and son.