37-year-old Duchess of Sussex took custody of the London-based charity organization for the protection of animals ” Mayhew» ( Mayhew). Meghan Markle ( Meghan Markle) appealed to the British with a passionate speech.

Prince Harry’s wife is known for her love of pets. Megan has had dogs since childhood. With Prince Harry, they also made a four-legged friend. That is why the Duchess agreed to patronize the fund to help animals. It helps not only stray animals , but pets and owners , who for reasons of health or because of other difficulties can not take care of pets.

” As a proud owner of a rescued dog, I know from personal experience the joy , which could bring the adoption of the animal in your home. The role , which we as humans play in saving these animals , is vital. But the role of such organizations , like Mayhew , has no price, “- said Megan.

Markl noted an integrated approach to the work of the organization. Volunteers are actively engaged in preventive work , which prevents cats , dogs and other animals from entering the street or in the nursery.

” The choice to adopt a pet – it is a great solution , which leads to a great deal of responsibility and infinite returns. This , no doubt , will change your life “- expressed the Duchess of Sussex.

Megan called on the British to take part in the work of the fund she sponsored: “Through the adoption of domestic animals , voluntary help , donations , or the dissemination of information. We are all interconnected , and through these animals we find a greater connection to the community and to the role , which we can play. “