Model and actress Kate Upton is the new number one of the Hot 100 of the mens magazine Maxim. She is the successor to Hailey Baldwin, who was voted the sexiest woman in the world by the American magazine last year.


Maxim calls the 26-year-old Upton “a blonde sex bomb with the desired curves, a sweet smile and old-fashioned zest for work”.

According to the magazine, she could be a doppelganger of Marilyn Monroe. True to tradition, Upton is also the number one cover song of the next edition of the magazine.

Upton is honored with the appointment. “I always work hard on myself, I see this number 1 position as a small reward for all that hard work,” she says to Maxim .

Maxim has made the Hot 100 since 2000. Earlier winners include Jessica Alba, Christina Aguilera, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift. Eva Longoria won the title as only two times.