At a fundraiser, Damon made fun of Affleck when he referenced his Batman character.

Old friends Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have teamed up for a good cause.

Ben shared the details of a fundraiser that brought them together on Thursday in an Instagram video with the two Hollywood stars.

“Matt and I have joined forces with @omaze to offer them the opportunity to come and hang out with us in Hollywood (once it’s safe to travel) and help @easterncongo & @water provide resources and support to communities in need.” , he captioned.

While explaining how they might announce the fundraiser, Affleck said, “Tell them something that interests them like, ‘Hey, come see Jason Bourne… Batman and…” when Damon interrupted, saying, “Robert Pattinson is coming? “

Fans couldn’t stop laughing after seeing Ben Affleck’s reaction, knowing that Ben decided to step down from the Batman role after appearing in a couple of DC movies.

Affleck responded, “No. Jeremy Renner will be there, “joking about Renner playing Bourne in 2012’s The Bourne Legacy.”