It is in the USA that the competition is the toughest with a dominant iMessage WhatsApp or Messenger, two services of the Facebook company of which Mark Zuckeberg is the boss.

The messaging services are more than present on our PCs but especially our smartphones. Whether WhatsApp and Messenger, both properties of Facebook, or Telegram, WeChat, the success is at the rendezvous. But the one that dominates the US side is obviously the Apple iMessage service only available on the devices of the firm. A closed ecosystem that Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, criticizes while recognizing the strong presence of the service. It’s in interview for Apple Insider that the man came back on the qualities and defects of Apple’s iMessage platform.

Mark Zuckerberg talks about Apple’s messaging service

Of course, WhatsApp and Messenger are very present in the USA. But it is Apple, which already dominates the smartphone market – it must be said that the firm is a national pride – which dominates with iMessage. A service congratulated by Mark Zuckerberg in an interview for Apple Insider.

Users share more photos, videos and links on WhatsApp and Messenger services than on social networks. We dominate the market in a multitude of countries but our biggest competitor is iMessage in the USA where the presence of the iPhone is very strong. Apple offers iMessage as the default messaging service and it’s still in the lead. In places where the fragmentation between iOS and Android is greater, as in Europe, users opt for our services.

It is the closed ecosystem of Apple that is once again highlighted at a time when users of the Google OS can not get iMessage. Apple will open one day with his famous service? Nothing is less sureā€¦