Actor Hal Holbrook, who played Mark Twain in one-man shows for years, died on January 23, his assistant confirms to The New York Times .

Holbrook, who turned 95, started playing Twain in 1954. In 1966 he received a Tony Award for the solo show Mark Twain Tonight, which he directed himself. A year later, he was on television with the show and bagged an Emmy Award nomination. He did not win the award that time, but later went on to win four more Emmys.

In 1977 and 2005, Holbrook returned to Broadway in the role of Twain. In total he appeared in more than 2,200 performances as the well-known American writer.

The actor was also nominated for an Oscar for his supporting role in Into the Wild (2008), making him the oldest Oscar nominee at the age of 82. A few years later, Christopher Plummer matched him, who also cashed in on his nomination for his role in Beginners.

Holbrook has also starred in well-known films and series. He was Deep Throat in All the President’s Men, he played in a number of episodes of Sons of Anarchy and he was seen in the last season of Bones . The actor was married three times and has three children. He was married to Dixie Carter until her death in 2010.