A precious box contains a framed photo of the star and 35 of his hair kept between two plates of glass and probably taken by his hairdresser in June 1959 …

A lock of hair from Marilyn Monroe is currently on sale for $ 16,500, or about $ 14,500. It is the company Moments in Time that offers the precious article.

This is actually 35 hair of the American star, presented in a small cardboard box with a lid, says Forbes  the company’s leader, Gary Zimet.

Hair cut by a famous hairdresser

The box has a label on which you can read the name of the actress and “Kenneth Hairdresser”. This is a reference to Kenneth Battelle, hair stylist Marilyn Monroe from 1958 to 1962 but also other stars like Judy Garland or Audrey Hepburn.