Mariah Carey finds the reactions she received after she was known to suffer from bipolar disorder, heart-warming. The singer did the revelation about her illness last week. 


“I’ve been hard at work, inspired by all your personal stories and heartwarming support and reactions,” writes the singer on Instagram.

“Let’s continue to support each other during the way each of us has to take off,” Carey ends her message. 

Last week, the singer unveiled a bipolar disorder in an interview with People. Carey already had the diagnosis of this manic-depressive disorder in 2001, when she was admitted to hospital after a physical and mental collapse. 

Yet it took several years before the singer sought help. “Until recently I was in denial, but I lived in the constant fear that someone would find out,” Carey told in the interview. 

Therapy and medication

After the singer once sought help in the form of therapy and medication, she said she could again focus on what she loves most: writing songs and making music. 

Carey decided to go out with her illness because she hopes that her story will break through the taboo that many people with the same disorder face.