Mariah Carey is currently writing her new album, the successor of Me I am Mariah from 2014. In her own words, the singer is at a good time in her life to release new music.


“This work consists of love”, says Carey in conversation with People and she says she has “a lot of sense” to make her new album. “At the moment in my life I am well able to express myself as a writer and singer, I am very good at myself.”

The singer says that she wants to give her album a modern sound, but that she does not want to follow “the trends of others”. “My fans just want me to be able to express my feelings, that I talk and sing from my heart”, adds Carey.

In addition, her latest CD is alternating. “Some songs are light-hearted and fun, with others I go deep into the lyrics.” It’s a nice mix of both. “

Currently, the artist, known from hits like Emotion and Honey, can be seen at The Colosseum in Las Vegas, where she gives a permanent show for the fourth time. After her stay in Vegas, the singer starts her tenth world tour.  With  The Number 1’s tour, she does Australia, New Zealand and Asia.