Another blow for star Mariah Carey, her manager Stella Stolper has just filed a complaint for “violation of civil rights and sexual harassment”.

Decidedly nothing is better for diva Mariah Carey. Indeed, while the famous singer confessed recently to be bipolar, her former bodyguard had filed a complaint in November 2017 against her after being sexually assaulted. The man then claimed that the singer she had practised sexual acts in front of him and that she was walking naked. But, another blow for the performer of Without You, his manager, Stella Stolper has decided to bring similar accusations …

Mariah Carey allegedly fired her unjustly

According to the US website, Stella Stolper has filed a complaint for “violation of civil rights and sexual harassment”. According to the newspaper, the former manager of the singer was “repeatedly sexually harassed” by the star. adds that the star used to stand naked against Stella Stolper. Besides, she would have, as with his ex-bodyguard, practised sexual acts in his presence.

Finally, Stella Stolper accused the 48-year-old star of having unjustly fired her in the middle of her contract, when she had been hired for 3 years.

If Stella Stolper explains the misplaced behaviour of the star by the fact that she did not take her medication every day against her bipolarity, the clan of Mariah Carey says that these accusations are “unfounded”.

Stella Stolper is claiming millions of dollars in damages.