Margot Robbie became the heroine of the July issue of Vogue magazine. In a conversation with the publication of the actress admitted how she hates when her name is a sex symbol, and also told about the shooting of the film Quentin Tarantino.

Margo Robbie, 28, is an actress, producer and Oscar nominee, but definitely not a sex symbol. At least she asks not to call herself that way. “I hate this word, I hate it with all my heart. I feel like an idiot saying this, because there are worse things in the world, but I’m definitely not a sex bomb. I am not one of those women who silences people admiringly when entering a room. I do not know what word my friends would describe me, but this is definitely not a “sex symbol”, ”the star concluded.

Maybe Margot doesn’t consider herself as such, but the actress of cult heroines is playing. She finished filming in “Birds of Prey”, where she performed the role of Harley Quinn, and will soon be released “Once in Hollywood,” in which the star embodied the image of Sharon Tate. “It was such a strange challenge. It’s much easier for me to play a dark and evil character. With Tonya Harding, I wanted to seem very heavy, as if her weights were on her legs. And then I had to act the other way around, ”said Robbie.