No matter how bright Hollywood star Margot Robbie is, she never forgets childhood friends. And do not mind spending time with them in between filming.

This weekend was a special occasion: one of the best friends of the actress Anna Makillop got married and gave a party about it. The bachelorette party was held in the Australian city of Byron Bay and was dedicated to the marine theme. So to collect a suitcase with a beautiful dress, high heels and other girl attributes Margot did not have to. The only thing that was needed from the guests was a swimsuit in the spirit of “Malibu’s Lifeguards”. 

One afternoon, however, it didn’t happen – the next morning the party continued, and the red swimsuits were replaced with relaxed clothes in the style of the 60s. Margo for this picked up striped pants with a high waist and a cropped top.

It is worth saying that Byron Bay, a coastal city in southern Australia, plays a special role for Margot. Weekend for girls was held near the place where the star of “Two Queens” married. Margot Robbie and Tom Akerley’s wedding took place in December 2016. Ceremony has passed in a private estate of 56 acres called Coorabella, which offers stunning views of the neighborhood of Byron Bay.