Country singer Dolly Parton may well be a world star because of her iconic hits like Jolene and 9 to 5, her own husband Carl Dean is not really a lover of her music.

“He is not necessarily one of the biggest fans of my music”

“He is not necessarily one of the biggest fans of my music”, Dolly Parton admits Monday in the British TV program Good Morning Britain. Although the two have been married for almost 53 years, Dean has seen his wife perform live only a few times. But Dolly does not mind that at all. According to her, her husband is proud of her and what she does, but he just has a different taste in music.

“He likes hard rock, he likes Led Zeppelin and bluegrass music, so my music is somewhere in between, he does not mind it, but he does not do anything to listen to my records, let’s put it this way”, jokes the 73-year-old singer. Yet the two have been together for years. “He’s crazy and I’m crazy, we laugh a lot and I think that’s the healthiest and most valuable part of our relationship.”