Lourdes Leon is the face of the new Spring 2021 advertising campaign.

Madonna’s daughter, Lourdes Leon, is the star of Marc Jacobs’ new Spring 2021 ad campaign.

Lola, 24, is the face of the campaign that celebrates “eclecticism and an individualized approach to personal style.”

Through a press release, the brand noted:

“Marc has a long history with Madonna, so it made sense for us to choose Lola to be the face of the campaign, as she perfectly encapsulates the youthful spirit and uncompromising sense of individuality that are central to this more expression. young brand ”.

The collection features colorful handbags ($ 375) and purses ($ 425), as well as denim sneakers ($ 275), medallion earrings ($ 85) and more.

Leon previously posed for a Juicy Couture underwear campaign alongside Ashley Graham.

She also served as Jean Paul Gaultier’s muse and face of the couturier’s Supreme capsule collection, directly following in her cone bra mother’s footsteps, and made her runway debut in 2018 for Gypsy Sport.