60-year-old Madonna ( Madonna Louise Ciccone) showed the fans , how to prepare for the release of new clips. During the filming of the video, the star accidentally broke off the mesh tights. The singer did not lose her head and stitched the hole formed right on herself.

Madonna released her album Madame X. In the course of work on the project, the performer reincarnated into different heroines. “Madame X is a secret agent. Traveling around the world. Change personality. Fighting for freedom. Brings light into the darkness. She is a dancer. She is a professor. Head of state. A housewife. Rider The prisoner. Schoolgirl. Mother. Child. Teacher. Nun. Singer. Holy Whore. Spy in the house of love. I am Madame X, ”Madonna explained.

The pop icon carefully considers each image , paying attention to the smallest details. Work on clips requires a lot of rehearsals.

During one of these rehearsals, Madonna ruined an important part of the costume – tore off the mesh tights. However, the artist skillfully eliminated the problem with a needle and thread. “Madame X – a seamstress …” – Madonna joked over an awkward moment Madonna on Instagram.