This is the ninth album of the American star that ranks at the top of the Billboard rankings . 

Madonna still dominates pop. Her latest album, Madame X , leads the way in US sales and takes first place in the Billboard 200 standings , ten days after its release. This is the fourteenth studio album of the singer, and the ninth of his discography to rank number 1.

Billboard states that 95,000 copies – or equivalents – of Mrs. X have passed in the United States. This is the first time Madonna’s album has taken the lead in Billboardsince MDNA in 2012 . Rebel Heart , released in 2015, did not achieve the same feat. She is the second woman to have the most number 1 albums in the Billboardrankings (behind Barbra Streisand , who has 11). 

For her return to the bins, Madonna has bet on the Latin sounds . Madame X has repeatedly turned to fado, dancehall or reggaeton, especially with MedellĂ­n , the first part of this duet with the Colombian singer Maluma.