Madonna is not happy that her fans are secretly trying to film her Madame X concerts. The singer has banned the use of mobile phones at the shows, but not all fans adhere to them, she reports on Facebook .

” Madame X (as Madonna currently calls herself, ed.) Appreciates everyone who comes to the theaters to enjoy the show only with eyes and ears, but she is amazed that others do not adhere to her wishes,” the 61 begins -year-old singer’s argument.

“Equipment for filming the concerts is still being smuggled in and the bags in which telephones must be stored are pulled open. You are disturbing the audience and the people on stage and you do not respect me as an artist,” writes the singer. “If you can’t experience Madame X without a telephone, then this show is not for you,” she concludes.

Madonna started her theater tour on September 17 in New York. The rest of the year she performs in cities in the United States. From next year she will visit the European cities of Lisbon, London and Paris.