Some confused quotes from a recent interview with Kiran Kalkin.

Like his elder brother Macaulay, as a child, Kiran Culkin talked a lot and often talked with Michael Jackson. He spent days and nights on the estate of the singer Neverland and has been to his concerts more than once. Six months after the premiere of the scandalous HBO film “Leaving Neverland”, the 36-year-old actor decided to speak out about the accusations made in favor of the singer. This was asked by the journalist The Guardian.

The only thing I can say about this: I have nothing to tell you. And all because I can’t help anyone and nothing. For me, there are two sides to this story, and since I can not help either one or the other, whatever I say and whatever goes into print, all this can only offend someone. And now there are too many offended. You know, so many people were in a difficult situation because of this story, and if I also contribute to all this, then more victims will appear,

”the actor replied.

What exactly Kieran wanted to say with these is hard to understand. He probably tried to defend Michael, like his brother Macaulay, who always insisted on Jackson’s innocence:

He began to communicate with me, because then a lot of things happened around me, he recognized himself in this situation. It is easy to say that it was strange or something, but it wasn’t, because everything was very logical. In the end, we were friends. People question these relationships, because he was the most famous person in the world, but for me it was all normal and even ordinary. For others, our communication was special, but for me it was an ordinary friendship.