The actor admitted that if Jackson did something with him, he would not be silent.

Macaulay Culkin has been friends with Michael Jackson since childhood. In a new interview with Esquire magazine, the 39-year-old actor was asked about Jackson’s pedophilia accusations, which again became relevant after the release of the documentary “Leaving Neverland”. There are two men in it, one of them choreographer Wade Robson, who staged dances for ‘N Sync and Britney Spears, spoke about the atrocities of the pop king.

According to Calkin, the last time he saw Michael in 2005 was when he appeared at his trial as a witness for the defense. The actor said that neither when he was a child, nor now he would not be silent if he noticed something suspicious about Jackson. But he did not notice.

He never did anything like this to me. I have never seen him do this with someone. It makes no sense for me to hide something, especially now. He died, and now, no matter how it sounds, it’s time to tell the “bitter truth.” But there was nothing, there was nothing to tell. If it were – I would definitely not be silent,

– said Culkin.

The actor recalled how recently he met James Franco on the plane. Impressed with the movie “Leaving Neverland,” he wanted to discuss Jackson with Macaulay.

It was just when the movie came out. He is like this: “There was a documentary there!” I told him: “Yeah …” And silence. He again: “So what do you think?” I turned to him and said: “Do you want to talk about your dead friend?” He died down and said: “No, I don’t want to.” And I told him: “Well, well done. I was glad to see you. “