Fans can’t stop swimming in the posthumous versions of Mac Miller.

Since the rapper’s death in 2018, his label released “Circles” in 2020, followed by a few singles he has appeared on, such as “I Believed It” by Dvsn, “Time” by Free Nationals and “That’s Life” by 88-Keys. .

Now, rapper’s 2014 mixtape “Faces” will be available for the first time on streaming services and on vinyl.

The album, which first came out on Mother’s Day seven years ago, will be available on Friday for die-hard Miller fans who just can’t get enough.

For people who have never heard “Faces” before, Twitter has offered some advice from seasoned listeners.

“Don’t skip any song first” @HipHopNumbers tweeted . “If you’ve never heard it before, start ‘Inside Outside’, close your blinds, put your phone on silent, and join Mac in its own world. “

Nicknamed “one of best mixtapes of all time” by fans, “Faces” is gaining new trending attention online on Twitter as people anxiously await its release.

“Such an amazing project,” wrote another, “will cry tonight”.

A single from the mixtape titled “Color and Shapes” was released earlier this year with an accompanying video directed by Sam Mason.

The video features a dog traveling through space and other dimensions. The dog was inspired by Miller’s own pet, Ralph, and his family sent Mason nostalgic items that inspired his vision.

The song begins with a retro sounding voiceover that says, “Did I answer the question ‘Who am I? “Well, I face it all the time,” with a dreamy synth and psychedelic vibe, as if Miller is drifting, out of his body, through the song.

In a statement posted by Mason about the video, he said, “The track felt very visual to me – like it had its own world… It’s supposed to be a childhood video – growing up as a artist and the ups and downs of that live. “

Mason went on to say that the song was about an artist’s “perilous” journey.

Miller, originally from Pittsburgh, rose to fame as a teenager with frat rap songs – the kind you’d hear in a grungy basement with red solo cups – and at 20, he had a platinum single and topped the Billboard charts.

Eventually, he graduated from the young and carefree rap styles featured on his album “KIDS” to develop his own voice and style.

“Watching Movies With the Sound Off” and “GO: OD AM” delivered more jazzy and upbeat beats that came to fruition on his album “The Divine Feminine” in 2016, while he was dating pop star Ariana Grande.

His latest album, “Swimming,” was released just a month before Miller died on September 7, 2018, of an accidental overdose of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. He was only 26 years old. His label then released “Circles” in 2020, which the rapper was working on before his death.

Miller was no stranger to dark talk. In fact, he kissed them. More precisely, on “Faces”, he raps: “Don’t tell my mother that I have a drug problem”.