Former Baywatch star and now animal activist Pamela Anderson has managed to adjust the menu of the Playboy Club in London. Last week the actress sent a letter to the luxury club with the urgent request to remove the “disgusting dish” foie gras from the menu, with success.

“I therefore urge you to take this dish off the map”

“As you know, I am part of the Playboy family. I admire the playfulness and luxury of the brand, but I was confused and disappointed when I found out that you were serving foie gras,” Pamela began writing. “There is nothing sexy about foie gras. It is even simply disgusting. I therefore urge you to take this dish off the menu,” said the actress, who even came up with a suggestion to replace the fatty liver. “Try vegan foie gras, a 100 percent animal-friendly and delicious dish that is bursting with taste and not at the expense of an animal’s life.”

The letter was complied with, because according to the Daily Mail, the club took the dish off the menu and, moreover, vowed never to serve it again.