After appearing last fall in a scene from the movie Mother! With Jennifer Lawrence, Quebec actor and director Luis Oliva shot with his idol Bruce Willis in the movie Death Wish, which is released Friday on the screens.

Death Wish, a remake of a cult film of 1974, was shot mostly in Montreal in the fall of 2016. The story is that of a father who decides to take justice himself after his wife was murdered.

Luis Oliva participated in three days of filming, during which he gave the reply to Bruce Willis, among others. Led by Eli Roth, he also worked with Elisabeth Shue and Vincent D’Onofrio.

Besides the fact that his character is called Miguel, Luis Oliva cannot give more details and can not share photos, otherwise, he would reveal a “punch”. “It’s a small role, but in the unfolding of the story, it’s important,” says simply the actor, who has not yet seen the film, on the other end of the line.

But at least he can tell about his experience. And he does it with great enthusiasm.

“I was about 13 when Die Hard (starring Bruce Willis) came out,” he says. I remember being watching the movie and telling myself that one day I was going to play with him. I believed so much. It’s a small role, it’s a small business, but for me, it’s a surreal moment. The day I sat next to him on the set, the 13-year-old guy inside me was really proud. ”

Through his contacts

Luis Oliva was also delighted to shoot scenes with one of the most prominent actresses on the planet, Jennifer Lawrence, in the movie Mother! , released last fall. He was not the only Quebecer on the set: Alex Bisping, Sarah-Jeanne Labrosse and Laurence Leboeuf also appear in the film.

The actor, whom the public knew a few years ago in Tag and Providence put his playing career on the backburner in 2013 to devote himself to the realization. He studied at INIS and directed several documentary series, including Mise nude, broadcast in 2015 at Canal Vie.

He has worked a lot in English but no longer has an agent. However, he is well acquainted with the casting directors, who call him directly to offer him audition for certain roles. That’s how he ended up in Mother! and Death Wish.

“I consider myself extremely lucky,” he says.

Otherwise, Luis Oliva is fully dedicated to his career as a director. He is currently developing two documentary series and one fiction project. He has also made an autobiographical short film, Chevrette 83, which is available on Wednesday on the La Fabrique Culturelle platform.

“But playing is my first job. I never put the actor aside. I want to keep playing, I even think of getting an agent back. “