Actress Lois Smith (90) won a Tony Award on Sunday for her role in play The Inheritance. The 90-year-old is the oldest actor ever to win the most important theater prize in the US.

Lois made her acting debut on Broadway in the early 1950s, but soon alternated her theater work with roles in films and television series. She has appeared in films such as Fatal Attraction , Dead Man Walking , Twister , Minority Report and most recently Lady Bird . On television, she appeared as Sookie’s grandmother in True Blood and in Grey’s Anatomy and Ray Donovan .

Her role in The Inheritance , in which she plays a nurse at a nursing home for men with AIDS, was Smith’s first Broadway role in 23 years. The play was shown on Broadway from September 2019 to March 2020. The last four performances of the play were canceled due to the coronavirus outbreak.