The shooting of the latest Indiana Jones movie has started in East London . According to The Sun, residents of Hackney are not at all happy with the fact that their neighborhood is the stage for a number of scenes in the fifth part.

A number of residents tell the newspaper that the film crew is bothering them a lot. For example, a street would be completely closed for four days and 100 parking spaces were taken up by the production team. There are also bright lights that keep the neighborhood awake until late at night.

Only one person would have given permission for film shooting in his home in exchange for a hefty amount. It would be an amount of 50,000 pounds (about 58,000 euros). This man would have gone on vacation just before the shooting.

“One homeowner made a nice little pocket money, but the rest of us are left with the burden. It’s ridiculous,” says a woman who lives in Hackney. “Some people are arguing outside about the remaining parking spaces. I heard angry voices and a lot of cars that keep driving around. People should at least get some compensation.”

In the new Indiana Jones movie, Harrison Ford will once again be the protagonist. He will play the famous archaeologist for the fifth and final time. In addition to Ford, Mads Mikkelsen and Phoebe Waller-Bridge can also be seen. The plot has not yet been announced. Indiana Jones 5 is due out next July.