MTV has announced that Lindsay Lohan will be entitled to his reality show. The cameras will have the honor of entering the world of the actress who lives on the island of Mykonos , Greece. However, Lohan Beach House should offer spectators a lot of twists and turns.


“Lindsay Lohan’s team will have to prove its expertise, ambition and charm to bring its vision to life,” reads CNN’s news release. “The stakes are high and the team needs to build new friendships and alliances while facing the myriad temptations of Mykonosnightlife . ”

Lindsay Lohan had already been the subject of a documentary series in 2014

In addition, Lindsay Lohan will take the executive producer cap on the show, in addition to MTV and Bunim / Murray Productions. Previously, the actress had been at the center of an eight-part documentary series aired on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey channel, in 2014.