Live on an Australian radio, star Lindsay Lohan announced she was single for a few hours. What surprise everyone.

Kyle Sandilands and Jacqueline Ellen have hosted the biggest stars in their show, ” The Kyle & Jackie O Show “, for almost twenty years. In other words, they are experienced in the interview.

Nevertheless, on Friday, the two hosts were almost speechless when Lindsay Lohan spontaneously announced that she had just broken. “I had a hell of a day. We separated today. But I will not tell you who, “she told them as she was invited to talk about an Australian TV show in which she participates.

If the 33-year-old American actress did not want to reveal the identity of her ex, she still agreed to wring her neck to the rumor that she was in a relationship with Mohammed ben Salmane, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia . “Clearly, it was not a prince, since it was me who left it!”, She dropped with a touch of humor.