The actress reminded the public that Cody Simpson was dating her sister.

It seems that Lindsay Lohan is unhappy that Simpson is dating Miley Cyrus. Once the musician had a relationship with her sister Lindsey Aliana, and recently Lohan published her joint photo with Cody.

When I realized that I failed. You settled for less, Cody Simpson. You got a family but you lost your future

– cheeky wrote Lindsay in her microblog. True, the star later deleted the picture.

Simpson became the winner of the The Masked Singer music show, the essence of which is that the performers go on stage in funny and colorful costumes, completely hiding their appearance. Lindsay was the judge in the last season of the show. She recognized Simpson as a mask and told him during the shooting:

Cody, if it’s you, we need to talk. But not here. I want back my furniture! Because I bought it for your house in Venice!

Simpson did not respond to Lohan’s remark, and she switched to online challenges. The star caught the attention of users with her dance video. She repeated the challenge, the essence of which is to dance on the move next to a moving machine. Lohan recorded a video at a gas station and was dressed in a bright pink suit, which is why she called her “performance” a flamingo dance.

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