Although angry tongues have been claiming otherwise for a while, Lili Reinhart (22) and Cole Sprouse (27) are still completely crazy about each other. According to the actress, they will also just celebrate Halloween together. The costumes are even in the making, she reveals to Coveteur. 

“I think I will do that together with my friend Cole”

However, the 22-year-old actress and the 27-year-old actor, who play the set Betty and Jughead in the popular series Riverdale , would have split up at the end of July, according to US Magazine. According to insiders, the Hollywood couple talked about their relationship status at a party. And although Lili already confirmed their love with a romantic photo for W Magazin e , she made it clear again during the interview with  Coveteur that they are still steady . 

During the interview – which is mainly about her latest film  Hustlers and her role as the “slutty version of Hannah Montana” – she also speaks frankly about Cole. Her boyfriend. Yes, it’s just fat!

If during the conversation about her plans for Halloween are asked, the actress indicates that she has a secret talent: special-effects makeup. “I haven’t actually done that for a long time. I switched a bit from special effects makeup to painting faces. I used to do that a lot. Now I don’t really have the time anymore, it sounds stupid, but it really is. It takes a lot of time to do, “she says.

Fortunately, she does have someone to practice on. “I think I’m going for a Halloween character with my boyfriend,” she continues. “I think I will do that together with my friend Cole. I am not going to tell how we are dressed, but it is a duo of TV.” So all ends well!

Lili and Cole have been a couple since July 2017, but only published their relationship on Instagram a year later.