Leonardo DiCaprio continues his romantic holiday with his girlfriend Camila Morrone in Corsica, France.Leonardo Di Caprio en vacances romantiques avec Camila Morrone en Corse. EXCLUSIVE **Special Price** POOL BESTIMAGE 229145 2018-08-06 CORSE Italie

European vacation of the 43-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio and 21-year-old Camilla Morrone in full swing. Lovers have already visited Italy, where they enjoyed the gentle sun, warm sea and bright landscapes, and then the couple went to get acquainted with the French beauties .

In one place lovers, it is worth noting, long do not linger and on the yacht owned by the actor try to see as much as possible. Yesterday, for example, the couple docked on the island of Corsica, where they were captured next on the heels of the paparazzi. Judging by the pictures, Leo and Camila have not passed the candy-bouquet period to this day (although their novel has been going on for more than four months). They do not hide their feelings, embrace in the sea, walk along the shore and kiss in public.

Whether the mother of the model continued to travel with them, Lucila Sola, who a few days ago lit up on board the chic ship of the actor, is unknown – she did not get into the lens of photographers. However, her presence Leo, who, it seems, is finally very serious about the new lover, does not seem to be embarrassed at all. But that he managed to find a common language with the stepfather of his beloved and his colleague Al Pacino , there is no doubt.


Only by beach rest the pair is not limited. In Saint-Tropez, for example, they visited a nightclub together with friends and took a walk around the city, as shown by Camila’s pictures in her Instagram. True, they are solely imprinted on them. Obviously, Leo at that moment stood on the other side of the camera – their heroine looks very happy and in love with these frames.