Want to get a glimpse of what lies ahead for David and the others in Legion Season 2? It’s here. Or maybe not.

It’s finally here, the first real preview of Legion Season 2 . After a very meta introduction by Audrey Plaza who thinks she is a therapist, the FX show created by Noah Hawley quickly reveals what will happen to our heroes in a few weeks. Difficult to understand something as the images scroll quickly, but we will not do the difficult as the first season was a success.

A scenario always vague

For the record, the series of Noah Hawley ( Fargo ) takes place in the universe X-Men. David Haller (Dan Stevens), a man who thinks he is schizophrenic, but who could actually be a mutant with overpowering mental powers, is followed. The main quality of the show, apart from its especially licked performance, is to put the doubt permanently on what is true or not. The rest of the cast, like Rachel Keller, Jean Smart or Jeremie Harris, is also no stranger to this overall quality.

Season 2 of Legion arrives on April 3rd on FX and will land then probably on OCS at home as it had been the case for the first (which is also not available …).

Legion season 2 – Teaser trailer