No matter how much the Twilight saga fans dreamed, Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan on screen) and Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) met in real life, the actors themselves have different ideas about the format of their relationship. They are just friends, and close friends, as they proved yesterday at Lautner’s birthday.

Lautner’s girl, a medical student named Tay, gave him a surprise party, where she invited only those closest to his heart. Among them was Kristen Stewart, who canceled all her affairs and dedicated this evening to a friend. One of the pictures from the holiday, where Kristen gently hugs Taylor, shared hair stylist CJ Romero.

Thank you, Tay, for the best birthday I’ve ever had. Nobody ever surprised me so much in my life!

– wrote in Instagram Lautner, who turned 27 years old. Kristen Stewart, in turn, appeared at the celebration with her new girlfriend, stylist Sarah Dinkin.