The Veronica Mars series officially returns. Leading actress Kristen Bell confirmed on Thursday that after ten years new episodes about the young, cynical female private detective arrive.

“Breaking news! We are officially back to work! A new series from Veronica Mars is coming”, writes Kristen on Instagram with a video. The series will return to the Hulu station in 2019.

The series Veronica Mars, which meant the big breakthrough for Bell, was broadcast between 2004 and 2008. Because of disappointing viewing figures, the plug was pulled out of the series after three seasons. The fans continued to beg for a follow-up for years. In 2014 there was still a film.


Bell played in Couples RetreatBurlesque and she is currently on show at The Good Place. She can also be heard as Anna’s voice in the film Frozen and she is the voice-over of Gossip Girl.