Jamie Spears has taken legal action against his daughter Britney’s (38) lawyer. Pa Spears is pissed off that lawyer Sam Ingham recently compared the singer in a court with a comatose patient.

Ingham said in an earlier session in the long-running battle for control of Britney that the singer no longer wanted to perform. The judge informed him that he wanted to see a signed statement from Britney herself about this, but the lawyer believed that she did not have the mental capacity to do so. In his arguments, he compared her to someone who is in a coma, because lawyers are allowed to speak on behalf of those patients.

Jamie Spears objects to that comparison in new court papers held by TMZ . He emphasizes that the fact that his daughter has now been under legal authority for twelve years does not mean that she has no right to speak. She can just vote and she has already made several statements in court, according to her dad. He asks the judge for a verdict in the case, because he doesn’t want Ingham to be the only one speaking on behalf of his daughter. Britney, her father argues, has the right to be heard in court.

Britney would recently regain control of her life, but due to a bad internet connection, the judge had put that plan offline for a while.