An epic performance by an epic artist. Lady Gaga stunned the audience by her

performance during the half time show at Super Bowl 2017. She opened her performance by simply making a plea for “liberty and Justice for all”.


Started the performance by jumping from the roof of Houston’s NRG stadium and opened with Wood Guthrie’s civil right anthem. This land is your land this was a gentle criticism to the Trump administration.
“I was born to be brave, No matter black, white or beige… Gaga sang to US TV audience ranging from 110 million.

She change here costumes only twice and her music did the rest of the magic during the 12 minute performance.
Gaga opened by jumping to a 79 meters above the crowd on the Tower and lots of drones hovered behind her. Although her choreography made her out of breath but through out the performance her vocals were strong.

Fans were handed over torches and they created coordinated pattern with the music. All of the stadium was plunged into darkness in order to make the performance’s visuals work on TV.