Lady Gaga (34) spoke candidly about the mental struggles she has known after the release of her new album ‘Chromatica’. For example, the immensely popular singer struggled with suicidal thoughts. In ‘Sunday Morning’, the singer now says that her worldwide fame and success caused her mental health to be affected.

“Lady Gaga is my enemy”

Gaga gave the interview to talk about her album ‘Chromatica’, which came out last May. “I hated to be famous. I hated being a so-called ‘star’. I was exhausted and couldn’t see it anymore,” said Gaga, who has incorporated quite a few personal lyrics into the songs on it. album.

Gaga now tells Sunday Morning that she was thinking daily about committing suicide. “Why should I stay here?” She wondered. “I didn’t understand why I had to live, except to be there for my family.”

The singer does have an idea where the mental problems came from. Namely, her piano. “I’ve had my piano for so long and I’ve made so many songs with it. I love my piano, but the piano also destroyed my life,” she explains.

“Because of the piano I am Lady Gaga. My biggest enemy is Lady Gaga. And because I am Lady Gaga I can no longer go to the supermarket or dine with my family.”

Gaga has now embraced her alter-ego and the singer has a positive self-image. “I never thought it possible, but I’ve come to love myself again. I don’t hate Lady Gaga anymore.”