The brilliance of diamonds on the red carpet of the Oscars blinded, but hardly anyone could match Lady Gaga and her precious necklace.

At the Oscars, the stars traditionally appear in designer evening gowns and complement them with decorations, which they are rented by iconic jewelry houses. The nominee for the Lady Gaga Award in a black dress by Alexander McQueen could hardly have stood out against the general background if it were not for the Tiffany necklace with an incredible history and an unbelievable price.

The cost of jewelry on the neck of Lady Gaga is about 30 million dollars. In the center of the jewelry composition is a precious yellow diamond weighing 128.54 carats, which was first discovered in 1877 and has since become one of the main legends of the jewelry house. For more than a century, it was worn in different compositions by only two women – the social lady Mrs. Mary Whitehouse and actress Audrey Hepburn, who appeared in it during the shooting of the posters for the film “Breakfast at Tiffany”. The third was Lady Gaga.

According to the New York Times, jewelry on the neck of Lady Gaga is the most expensive piece that was ever “walked” for the Oscars. The singer and actress is an ambassador for the brand Tiffany, and it was assumed that she would choose something from their collections, but this output was a surprise for everyone.

To consider the decoration from all sides of the photographers and the public had plenty of opportunities. First Lady Gaga posed on the red carpet before the start of the award, then went up to the stage to perform the song Shallow with Bradley Cooper, then she appeared again before the public, receiving an award for the same song, and at the end of the ceremony she posed for a long time with the long-awaited statuette Oscar behind the scenes.