Although rumors about a breakup with fiancee Christian Carino (50) have been around for some time, Lady Gaga (33) has now confirmed for the first time that she is single again. 

Lady Gaga addressed the audience during a performance in Las Vegas before she started singing the song “Someone To Watch Over Me” by Ella Fitzgerald. “The last time I sang this song, I wore a ring on my finger,” she said. “It will be different this time,” the singer added. For months, rumors had circulated that Lady Gaga and her fianc√© Christian Carino would be separated, but the news was never officially confirmed – until now. 

The two became a couple in February 2017, not long after Gaga broke up with her previous fiance, actor Taylor Kinney. In October 2018 the singer then confirmed that she was engaged again, with Carino this time. Her giant engagement ring would have cost 300,000 pounds, around 338,129 euros. Now this relationship is also over.