There are rumors that Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper will perform at the British Glastonbury festival. The two would perform their duet Shallow from the movie A Star Is Born there.

British radio presenter Edith Bowman claims that Bradley told her after he had been a guest in her podcast. The actor, who made his directorial debut with A Star Is Born, would have said that he might play six songs at the festival, which starts on Wednesday.

Bradley recorded one of the appearances in the film during the festival in 2017. Country singer and lead actor of an earlier version of A Star Is Born Kris Kristofferson then spent four minutes of his set time on the filmmaker, who was doing a concert for a live audience. In the film, the actor plays a celebrated singer with an alcohol problem, who falls for a singer (Lady Gaga) who is still at the start of her career.

The actors have already sung the song live after the film, during the Oscar ceremony in February. That intimate performance prompted the rumor machine that the two are more than just film colleagues. Both Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper have since broken their relationships: Gaga ended her engagement with Christian Carino not long after the Oscars, Bradley recently broke with model Irina Shayk.