Lady Gaga: “I did everything possible to become a singer and composer”

Singer Lady Gaga recently tried herself as an actress. She played a role in the film Bradley Cooper. In the movie “Star was born,” she plays singer Ellie, who was very talented, but unsure of herself.

For the role Lady Gage had, as she told in an interview with –†eople, remember her childhood, to be transfused with the feelings of the heroine.

Lady Gaga admitted that in high school classmates constantly mocked her. They laughed at her and her dreams:

I had to go back to childhood, in my school years, when I was mocked and laughed at for my big dreams. I think I was able to play this role thanks to the support of Bradley Cooper. He is such an incredible director and actor. I’m just very grateful to him.

The actress noted that there is almost nothing in common between her and Ally’s image:

Well, the difference between me and Ellie in that I did everything possible to become a singer and composer was ready to act. I dragged my keyboard across New York and knocked on all the doors. I really believed in myself. Ellie is not like that. She does not believe in herself. She is literally exhausted by the music industry.