The Ventura County District Attorney is not taking any further action against Britney Spears, according to TMZ , after she was accused by a housekeeper of assaulting her.

There would be too little evidence and the housekeeper would have no demonstrable injuries or damage to her phone, as the woman claimed.

“As I said before, this was nothing more or less than a sensational story taken completely out of context. We are dealing here with a classic ‘welles, nietes’ story, which would never have received so much attention in the first place if it had not been known. if Britney was involved,” said Spears’ attorney Mathew Rosengart.

‘This went way too far’

“Anyone can accuse someone else of something, but this went way too far and we are grateful that the prosecutor made the right decision,” Rosengart continues.

“Unfortunately, the media still seems to have learned nothing from the past in which Ms Spears was often dragged through the mud for nothing. We hope they will treat her with more respect.”

The housekeeper would have gotten into a heated argument with the singer about her dogs, after which Spears would have grabbed the woman’s phone. The woman then called the police and later filed a complaint against Spears.

She believed that the pop star neglected her dogs, which attorney Rosengart says is not the case. The four-legged friends are now back at home with the singer.