The star, as usual, showed new items on itself, starring in a photo shoot. The summer image of Kim Kardashian’s younger sister consisted of a shiny miniskirt, a gray swimsuit and a straw hat. In the makeup she used the shadows and lipstick from her new collection.

21-year-old Kylie Jenner does not stop at the success achieved and continues to strengthen her status as a leader in the field of decorative cosmetics. So, today, the businesswoman presented to 139 million of her followers on Instagram a new collection of Kylie Cosmetics makeup products.

“I have always been fond of makeup, lipstick – it was all my love. Just followed the call of the heart … I am very grateful to my mother for her help in developing the brand Kylie Cosmetics. With my creative beginning and her business mind, we are just a dream team,”Kylie revealed the secret of her success.