Kylie Jenner recently boarded the plane because she had a fight with her friend Travis Scott. The reality star wanted to settle the quarrel as quickly as possible.


In conversation with  GQ , 20-year-old Jenner is asked when she last cried. “Yesterday, Travis and I had a little argument, which is quite normal, but I had to cry, because it became too much for me, even though it was not really about anything.”

“It was just too much for me, and then we settled it an hour later, I flew to Houston to be with him for only a few hours.”


The reality star has had to move the interview with the magazine to suddenly be able to board the plane. “I really felt like I had to go, I did not tell anyone why or where.”

Jenner, who got Stormi together with Scott, notices that quarrels come mainly because the two can not see each other for a long time because of the rapper’s tour schedule and her work. “We have Stormi now and she is too young to travel with me, so it’s harder to see each other and that moment I just thought ‘I have to go to make up for this and then I’ll go back again. ‘”