21-year-old Kylie Jenner first became a mother just eight months ago, but she is already seriously thinking about the birth of the second baby. About this star of the reality show “Family Kardashian” (Keeping Up with the Kardashians) told in her new interview with Us Weekly.

Am I going to give birth to another child? Of course, I want a second baby, but when this happens – until the question! I’m definitely not ready for the second pregnancy right this second and I don’t know exactly when I will be ready for it. But when it does happen, I will definitely share this news with you guys!
– Kylie said in an interview with reporters.

Jenner also added that she was already thinking about the name options for her next child.

Did I think about how I would name another child? Of course, but so far I have not found that name that I would definitely like. But I know for sure that I would like to give birth to another girl and give her a very gentle and feminine name.
– admitted Jenner.

While the star, along with her beloved Travis Scott, enjoys raising eight months of Stormy. Not so long ago, Kylie admitted that in the future she was ready to allow many things for her daughter. For example, Jenner told reporters that she wants Stormie not to be afraid to experiment, including with her appearance. Apparently, on this issue, Kylie takes an example from her mother, 62-year-old Chris Jenner, who from her teens also allowed her daughters to express themselves: she allowed them to pluck their eyebrows, change their hair color and look for their style in clothes.